Benefits of Tessellation Performance With DirectX 11


DirectX 11 is an API (Application Programming Interface) that helps to display the striking visual and a multimedia element, such as those used in 3D games. This makes the tessellation graphical techniques available to game developers. The benefit of using tessellation in computer graphics is the ability to convert the 3-dimensional and geometric shapes into the more realistic and smoother surfaces, while offering clearer visual detail.

Displacement Mapping

A standard component of DirectX 11 is displacement mapping which is designed to let game developers make more efficient use of high-end graphical elements without having to be so concerned with taking a significant hit on the speed and performance of the software application. Displacement mapping makes it possible to convert the regular flat texture into a 3-dimensional shape by using a specific technique to store data related to the height and shape. The use of displacement mapping is highly effective at creating the more realistic surfaces, such as those related to carvings or roofing shingles.


DirectX 11 is developed directx 12 download with a variety of refinement algorithms which make it easier for developers to smooth out blocky and jagged surfaces. By relying on tessellated polygons the process of working with 3-dimensional models is much more efficient. This software uses an algorithm called N-patches or PN-Triangles to help with creating the curved and smooth surfaces. A benefit of using this feature of the software is the ability to offer more efficient performance and move away from the previous blocky or simple shapes.


Without the option to use tessellation, a developer designing a game that incorporates 3-dimensional graphics would have previously relied on texture draw-in or pop-in. This often meant the detail of the graphics was only noticed at close range. But tessellation is more effective at rendering the more impressive graphic on the fly. The latest techniques make it possible to create varying levels of detail for a particular object which adjusts automatically as the player moves in closer to the object.

Negative Effects

For efficient game performance it is crucial to make use of the tessellation technology in the correct way. The improper programming of advanced techniques like dynamic level of detail, refinement algorithms, and displacement mapping is certain to hinder the performance of the game. For instance, 3D graphics is often impacted negatively if the incorrect number of polygons is used on a model. Without the efficient programming knowledge, the smooth appearance that is required for each of the pixels can be difficult to create.

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